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Liz is an actor, improviser, and writer currently living in St. Petersburg, FL. She loves coffee, and chocolate, and coffee and cappuccinos, and lattes, and oh yeah, coffee. 

 Liz was born with a physical deformity and chronic illness. Growing up as a square peg in a world of round holes she developed a passion to live earnestly with a deep appreciation for every moment. While she is grateful, Liz also tirelessly seeks to improve upon and alter the landscape for other artists with disabilities. She has made it her mission to create awareness and offer others a place express their true selves.

*See her project Who Dis? Live Show & Podcast to learn how she is making this dream a reality* 

In 2016 Liz found the art of improvisation and the stage (after a career in Special Education and Adaptive Recreation). With her whole heart she said, "Yes, and" to a new passion and has been in the comedy flow ever since.  Liz is passionate about the art of improvisation because It is all about making choices on the fly while living in the present, with one goal: to connect with others. 


Liz has been learning, practicing, performing and producing comedy since March of 2016. She is an alumni of The Second City Conservatory (Chicago),  iO Chicago, The Annoyance Theater (Chicago), and The Bovine Metropolis Theater (Denver, CO).  She has also studied at HUGE Theater (Minneapolis, MN), and The Denver Center for Performing Arts (Denver, CO). Liz performed scripted work with Phamaly Theatre Company in Denver, and sits on the board of Allprov (allprov.org) as well as Second City's first ever Accessibility Advisory Board. She has traveled and performed at comedy festivals in the US, and she is the producer of the "Who Dis? Show" A Live Variety Show & Podcast benefiting mental health, chronic illness, and disability services. 


Let's connect and create art, together.

In gratitude with love, Liz

ps- Whether you call her Elizabeth or Liz is dealer's choice. She trusts you will make the right choice because there is no wrong one. 




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