Who Dis? Show

A live show and podcast featuring artists from the mental health, chronic illness, and disability communities. The live show takes place once and month and the podcast is released weekly. Stay Tuned! 

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I sit on the board of Allprov, a 501(c)(3) non-profit that provides opportunities in metro Denver for adults and youth to learn and practice improv in a supportive environment. We believe everyone should have access to this art form - regardless of gender, disability, learning style, or income level.

Allprov seeks to provide a creative space where adults and youth are empowered while learning the art of improvisation.

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Bad Ghost

Self proclaimed Bad Ghosts, we perform improv for mortals. Haunting stages all around Chicago and the beyond. 

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Madeline + Dante

Madeline + Dante is an improv duo comprised of Mac Wallach and myself, utilizing organic openings which we seamlessly blend into stylized scene work. We seek to create worlds that all audiences can enjoy. 

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New Team Smell

New Team Smell is a performance opportunity program fo iO Chicago Training Center students levels 3-5b created by Miguel Rodriquez and myself as an effort to build community amongst iO student performers as well as offer new coaches and opportunity to coach their first team. Tuesday at iO - 10 PM

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