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Buying in Today's Market

Given the current market (high demand & low supply) buying a home right can feel really daunting, believe me - I am in it myself and I know girl - I know. Just as others have told me not to be dismayed, you should not either. I see homes going under contract every day and if your dream is to own a home, then we'll work together to make that happen! In order to help the process feel painless, let's plan ahead and make sure you're ready to pull and trigger and put in an offer with all your ducks in a row. It can feel like a lot of work and preparation, and sometimes we want to just not think about our finances and assume they'll magically sort themselves out. Avoiding our future plans might cause us to think "that's not for me, I can't own a home." But... Did you know that the credit score requirements probably aren't as high as you think? Did you know that some financing options allow for down payment assistance? Did you know that the standard down payment isn't 20% and can be less? Did you know that you can apply for a homestead exemption on your taxes to save money once you purchase a home? I avoided thinking of all of this and I saw homes fly off the active list to pending and sold while I sat back thinking that I couldn't and wasn't in the place to own a home. Little did I know, I am prime for owning a home right now. I just needed someone to sit down with me that I trusted to go through it all - Thanks Joey and the Doug Wagner Team at Cross Country! I want to guide you like they have guided me. If you have questions, I'm here to help you find answers. And if you don't trust me yet (don't worry, you will), trust HUD! Visit to learn about Florida Homeownership. You can plan and find financial guidance, assistance, and maybe it'll be just the motivation you need to start taking steps towards investing your financial future. #realestate #futureplans #financialfreedom #financialassisance#assests #floridarealestate #FLrealestate #stpetersburg#buystpete #ownyourhome #investinyou #florida #sunshinestate#rentisrising

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