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$ Down, They flipped it, I reversed it....

I can’t believe that in this market I backed out of a home, UNDER CONTRACT!

More than that, it was the first offer I wrote 100% on my own, plus it was going to be my personal property, for me and my dog to finally settle down here Florida.

One, and done … but not really.

After I had the inspection done and I had to back out of the deal. To say I was emotionally devastated is an understatement. I wished that I had the ability to stay in the deal, but the inspection report revealed concerns that I couldn’t rationalize away in this market. Believe me, I tried. I tried to find a way to make it all make sense in my mind – the HOW of it all, but I just couldn’t create a map to closing the deal in which I felt confident.

So, I sent a release and cancellation. I have submitted 10 offers in 1.5 months, one verbal acceptance that we got screwed on after they said they signed the offer they never sent it to us and then this one, the offer I had to walk away from.

I feel so disheartened as a buyer, and yet I am also so hopeful. I am lucky to be in this job. I am surround by buyer clients, for them I sit on the MLS all day, looking for properties that meet their needs. I see the inventory coming and going, and while we are at near record lows (if not already surpassed record lows), every Thursday there are new listings posted.

I feel the pressure to buy now, and soon. If we look at the forecasts we only see pricing continue to rise, while rates also rise and decrease buyer purchase power. Rents are also rising, and downtown life is less affordable than it was when I moved here. It feels like being pinched from both sides but the life boat that is buying a new house has 34 other folks making offers on it too. No matter how much pressure and pinch I feel, the one thing I CAN count on is trusting my gut. It is that brain that knows me better than even the one in my head. My gut brain is more sensitive and she’s always spot on, if I listen to her.

I made myself a promise that day, and I make it to you, as your agent:

“I’ll listen to your gut instincts and I welcome them as a part of our conversation.”

Buying a home is a huge decision whether you’re looking for a two- or three-year investment, a forever home, or a property to flip and renovate I believe that your feelings matter. Together, we will weigh feelings against logic and math. Then, we’ll let you decide what’s best for you. My promise is that I’ll be here to raise the questions that help you through this market to the finish line. I vow that your process will get the same care and thoughtful attention that I gave my own transaction.

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