• Elizabeth K

Here I am world! No, wait... I think I have always been here.

To whom it may concern,

I have decided to start writing a blog about what life is like living with a disability while also constantly in the pursuit of one goal: human connection. Be warned! There were also be a FAIR amount of discussion about improv and comedy. However, you can expect all comments will strain through my perspective cheese cloth of "34 year old, cis-gender, woman with a disability." Welcome and enjoy!

Oooh! One more thing, I hope you'll have patience with me because I have not done anything like this before. But then again, if you didn't have patience I would ask you, "Why not?" and hopefully you would accept my invite out for a coffee so we could sip and talk about why my ineptitude at creating a new blog hit such a sore spot within.

I woooould say save me $5.00, but I LOVE coffee. Screw it. Let's just get coffee. Anywho - keep talking and sharing and connecting.

Be well,


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